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Аренда яхты Riva Corsaro 100′ RAPH SEVEN

Аренда яхты Riva Corsaro 100′ RAPH SEVENОтправить запросRiva Corsaro 100' RAPH SEVEN

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Яхты Riva

Аренда яхт Riva

Аренда яхты Riva Corsaro 100′ RAPH SEVEN







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110 000 € в неделю


Длина общая 29.9 м
Ширина 6.7 м
Осадка 2.26 м
Двигатели MTU 16V 2000 M96
Максимальная скорость (при половинной нагрузке) 26.0 узл
Крейсерская скорость (при половинной нагрузке) 20.0 узл
Гросстоннаж 100.0 ГТ
Количество кают 5
Количество спальных мест 10
Строительный материал GRP


The majestic spearhead is impossible to ignore; so easy to desire. The very name of the 100’ Corsaro hints at a daring and powerful buccaneer, full of the pioneering promise of its predecessors, to the joy and passion of yacht owners and enthusiasts. With looks as sharp as a spearhead and with its majestic spaces and liveability, this is a new maxi flybridge as only Riva could design, combining the thrill of sporty performance with the pleasure afforded by pure luxury.
RAPH SEVEN, the 100’ Corsaro, is the successor to many legendary yachts, a perfect blend of comfort, performance, style, technology, design and safety. And that extra special touch of class, the essence of Riva. A quick glance reveals the many features that immediately remain impressed in your mind, starting with the massive amount of space, including a huge private area for the owner on the main deck with a wide body master suite, as well as four suites below deck, and a generous totally customisable sundeck. The large, attractive windows stretch along the hull and superstructure, giving this yacht unforgettable impact and offering wide-angle panoramic views from inside

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Яхты Riva

Аренда яхт Riva